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Why the PM Chose to DM and the Reasons Your Brand Should Too

MD Adam Williams on why direct mail is the perfect way to engage with your audience during these trying times.

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Thinking Outside the Box

What is it like working with DBS Data? Nathan Rose is the Client Relationship Manager at DBS Data and he explains how being consultative, creative and honest with clients helps then to achieve their campaign goals.

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GDPR placing data professionals at the forefront of Commercial Decision-Making

If GDPR has done one thing, it has brought the potential and pitfalls of data to the fore, giving a much stronger voice to those within the organisation responsible for data.

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DBS at the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2018 - what a night

DBS Data one of the key sponsors for this years IPA Effectiveness Awards having a great time on the night meeting the winners and runners up of these prestigious highly sought after advertising awards

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We're Only Human After All

Stuart Huke recently joined DBS Data as Business Director and recounts his recent customer experiences with a number of leading brands and makes some suggestions about what could be better.

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Most Marketers are in the Early Stages of GDPR Planning But ePrivacy is Looming

How ready for GDPR and ePrivacy are you? This was the question I asked an audience of more than 200 B2B and B2C marketing professionals at the recent GDPR Summit in London.

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How sampling just got simpler

There has never been more potential to access customer and market information, but if you want to conduct a piece of ‘quality’ research, upon which you can make informed commercial decisions, it can seem that the odds are against you.

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Marketing data solutions for Large Enterprises

DBS Data have been pioneering a way to bring together vast data sets from multiple sources to create both a business and consumer view of the UK in our Enterprise Marketing Data Solutions

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London to Paris in 24 hours DBS Data Charity Cycle Ride raised £11K

We did it! The charity cycle event was entirely successful with all 15 cyclists arriving in Paris within 24 hours of setting off from Trafalgar Square.

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Social media, the 5th direct channel

Integrating Facebook advertisements as part of a ‘traditional’ DM campaign has become a well proven and low-cost lead generation, branding and direct response mechanism.

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Converting doubters to data - why data isn't a dirty word

Trust, privacy and security are all vitally important issues when discussing data but to my mind these debates often overshadow the huge benefits that the responsible use of quality data brings to organisations, individuals and wider society.

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Why the GDPR 2018 Deadline is a red herring

On 14th April the European Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) text. For many organisations that are already on the path to ensuring adherence to the new ruling, this announcement will not be a cause for concern.

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The route to hell is paved with good intentions

Reviewing the final details of the imminent EU data protection regulation policy and what impact they will have on the data marketing industry.

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Why the time has come for stricter measures

Why the time has come for data suppliers to adopt stricter measures to prevent data abuse and help clients get better results from compliant data.

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When it comes to Data Driven Marketing less can sometimes be more

I recently visited a tradeshow in London and the contrasting behaviours of two stands really brought home the different approaches to data-driven marketing and lead generation

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