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Post GDPR Data Cleanse thoughts from Stuart Huke

Stuart talks in this video about the challenges of data and GDPR and how a good and regular data cleanse policy can help meet data compliance. He sees a trend of people holding off making decisions about cleaning their data that will impact their compliance and costs. Its time to take data cleanse seriously.

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How DBS Data adds value to Agencies and their Clients

James Neale and Simon Lamb of DBS Data talk about how the comprehensive compliant data solutions offered by DBS add value to marketing campaigns to deliver better results

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Market Research & Insight

Nathan Rose, DBS Data talks in this video about the growing value of insight and analysis from market research data and how DBS Data supports market research companies with panel and sample data and niche data for market research projects

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Data Retention Periods post GDPR

DBS Data Commercial Director Gary Brandon talks in this video about the importance of data retention periods for marketing data post GDPR

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Life beyond GDPR 25th May 2018

Adam Williams, CEO DBS Data talks about the need to be compliant for GDPR beyond 25th May 2018 and how those who aren’t on top of their compliance can easily work out what needs to be done.

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Stuart Huke talks about joining DBS Data

Stuart Huke, new Business Director at DBS Data talks about the reasons he has joined the business and about bringing his experience from client side to the UK’s leading compliant marketing data experts.

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B2P Marketing from DBS Data

Gary Brandon, Commercial Director DBS Data talks about the value of B2P marketing in business to business where we traditionally think about marketing to a business but need to market effectively and compliantly to the people within the business

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About The GDPR for B2B

In this video Gary Brandon, Commercial Director at DBS Data talks about GDPR for B2B and what businesses need to think about when processing and using business data for marketing and sales.

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It's time to start thinking about ePrivacy

Everyone is so busy talking about GDPR but Adam Williams, CEO, DBS Data thinks that ePrivacy will be a bigger challenge for business particularly for digital marketing.

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About the Data Industry Compliance Think Tank

View this introduction from Adam Williams, CEO DBS Data to The Compliance Think Tank for GDPR and ePrivacy discussion and debate for data suppliers and users

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Who is DBS Data? Introduction to our compliant data solutions.

Adam Williams, CEO, introduces the complete range of DBS Data compliant data solutions and explains how the journey starts with data compliance and how we solve all your marketing data solutions.

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About DBS Data Verifi Solution

Watch our animation about our Verifi solution that allows you to check, validate and enhance your data on an ongoing basis for improved data compliance and better marketing returns

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We are passionate about all things data

DBS Data are passionate about all things marketing data. Watch our new animation to find out more about what we do and our culture of being compliant data experts.

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Royal Mail Simple Ways to Grow Video

Our man Nathan Rose appears in this Royal Mail introduction video about Simple ways to grow your business talking about the DBS Data Solutions for business marketing

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Verifi Solution Demo

View a demonstration of our Verifi Solution with voice over taking you through the process. See how easy it is to check, validate and enhance your customer data for improved marketing response rates.

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