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Social media, the 5th direct channel

Integrating Facebook advertisements as part of a ‘traditional’ DM campaign has become a well proven and low-cost lead generation, branding and direct response mechanism.

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Converting doubters to data - why data isn't a dirty word

Trust, privacy and security are all vitally important issues when discussing data but to my mind these debates often overshadow the huge benefits that the responsible use of quality data brings to organisations, individuals and wider society.

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Why the GDPR 2018 Deadline is a red herring

On 14th April the European Parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) text. For many organisations that are already on the path to ensuring adherence to the new ruling, this announcement will not be a cause for concern.

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The route to hell is paved with good intentions

Reviewing the final details of the imminent EU data protection regulation policy and what impact they will have on the data marketing industry.

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Why the time has come for stricter measures

Why the time has come for data suppliers to adopt stricter measures to prevent data abuse and help clients get better results from compliant data.

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When it comes to Data Driven Marketing less can sometimes be more

I recently visited a tradeshow in London and the contrasting behaviours of two stands really brought home the different approaches to data-driven marketing and lead generation

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