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Facebook Digital Display

Facebook Digital Display

Adding social media advertising to your usual mix of marketing channels can drive brand exposure, increase customer engagement and loyalty, improve campaign response rates and support new customer acquisition. Our expertise driven approach to delivering Facebook digital display campaigns ensures that you can measure success at every stage.

DBS Data works with you to select your target audiences within our B2C and B2B data universes from over 200 criteria. The result is that you are targeting exactly the audiences you know will most likely respond.

We then match this audience with Facebook users – typically we achieve a 70% match for B2C data and 60% for B2B

We help you to create effective Facebook ads within your existing campaign creative and messaging that include clear calls to actions and links to your website, company page on facebook or campaign landing sites.

We will set up the campaigns to run alongside your other online and offline campaigns so that you have a truly integrated multi-channel marketing campaign strategy. We do this within your budget and timescales.

The results are instantly visible and clearly measured so that you can see the results in campaign response rates and can calculate return on investment.

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