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Campaign Delivery

One Solution, one place, great results

We understand that to execute a successful campaign can be a difficult process, with multiple suppliers and  multiple contacts it can be hard to manage, hard to  co-ordinate and often financially inefficient.

At DBS we have an expert team that can manage the whole campaign delivery process for you.  Experienced in account management, we are able to organise the whole campaign process from strategy and analytics, campaign planning and data cleansing, print management and delivery to campaign reporting. And with our network of  providers and in-house  services, we always ensure that you benefit from reduced costs and  most importantly, improved results.

DBS Data Campaign delivery and fulfilment

DBS Data can manage your complete end to end campaign delivery and deliver you with great results


You have limited resources and budget and sometimes getting marketing campaigns out of the door is too time consuming, too expensive and difficult so why not let us do it while you sit back and benefit from the great results.

We provide cost effective marketing campaign fulfilment solutions for both B2C and B2B markets. Our multi-channel marketing campaign services include direct mail, email, telephone, digital marketing and social media marketing and we have the compliant marketing data available to ensure that the results are as good as they can be.

Direct Mail – if you want to deliver a high quality postal marketing campaign we can help you to achieve the best results. Your campaign to your targets – our marketing data, our expertise, our resources – your results.

Email – working your way through the minefield of email/e-privacy legislation can be a nightmare especially when the results you are increasingly getting are poor. We are email marketing campaign experts, we have the compliant email data available and the platforms that will ensure highest deliverability rates, improved response rates and management of your brands reputation.

Phone – telemarketing campaigns can be tricky but when delivered well provide great leads and opportunities to your sales pipeline. We have the compliant data to hand, experts who know how to structure successful campaigns and the people available to deliver the campaign for you. You get the results you need.

Digital Insert Marketing – our digital insert marketing campaign solutions are built to deliver the best results within the budgets you have. We deliver cross platform digital advertising opportunities that are pinpoint targeted to your audience and delivered when they are most receptive. Our digital insert solution delivers your digital ads across relevant targeted industry newsletters or targeted Facebook audiences.

Campaign Fulfilment Product Sheet


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