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Full Service Direct Mail

DBS Data are proud to announce the launch of its new product – Full Service Direct Mail. With our expertise in data and insights, our network of suppliers and clients, and a history in delivering data solutions, we have launched Full Service Direct Mail. Our service aims to make planning and deploying targeted DM a quick and efficient solution that can win you your next customers. This is also delivered at a competitive price point compared to other forms of print media including partially addressed mail and door drops.

Our solution is aimed at anyone looking to send communications to a highly targeted and relevant group of consumers (or business decision makers). In addition, we take care of data, printing and postage preventing the need for multiple relationships to deliver a campaign.

The solution is made up of these key components;

We combine your customer data – either at a personal or household level – with our UK consumer and business data universes. Our skilled analysts can produce an audience of individuals that share the same characteristics as your existing customers across insights held on our consumer and business data products.

Our team are experts in producing highly targeted audiences which are built using your existing customers’ profiles. We simply match your data to ours to understand what your best customers look like across the insights we hold. Next, we will model this out across the UK (or your defined regions) to find the best prospects for your next marketing campaign.

Print production and fulfilment
Our core business is data and helping our clients solve their data challenges. As such, we partner with several print companies to ensure clients have a seamless experience when undertaking direct mail campaigns. Our expertise, experience and understanding allows us to run campaigns successfully adhering to our client’s needs.

Post campaign returns, measurement and optimisation
Once the campaign has been deployed, our team can analyse your sales and response data, providing meaningful insight that will help optimise your next campaign. This includes post campaign match back analysis, compliance monitoring & reporting, KPI reporting and finally returns management.

The Process

1. Initial consultation – We want to understand you as a business and your history. We want to ensure that any campaign we run for you aligns to your goals and objectives. Our sales team will set up a call to explain the service and work closely with you throughout.


2. Customer data supplied for profiling – Compliance and data security sits at the heart of everything we do. Our first step is to put a Data Processing Agreement in place laying out the terms for DBS to process your data for the purposes of profiling and modelling.  This profiling can consist of all of your customer data or a subset depending on your campaign objectives. Our team here can assist with this process to ensure our analysts are working with the right data to get the best outcomes for you.


3. Data match – Our data management team are highly skilled and capable enabling us to get the best out of any dataset. As part of our initial scoping we will set out the matching levels you would like us to use to deliver back key insights into your customer data. We do this at individual and household / company level for business and consumer data.


4. Profile – This is the first and key step in creating your new audience. From the data match we produce a report which details what your existing customers look like across a variety of different attributes. For consumer data this could include insights such as affluence, home ownership, occupation, interests and spending habits as well as many more. For business data this includes insights such as Industry, job title & function, company size by employees & turnover and key financials to name a few. This report is shared with you to review and, if required, we can append the insight back to your customer data for your own future use*.


5. Look alike model – Utilising the insights we have learned about what your existing customers look like we use statistical modelling to create a prospect pool of consumers or businesses that look most like the customers you have provided for profiling. As part of this report we segment this audience by score ranges which enables you to understand how close each of the segments reflects your customers and to what level you would like to select your campaign audience.


6. Artwork – Our expertise is data, insight and campaign deployment but we do work with a number of creative agencies and can recommend a partner that can design your marketing communications with you.


7. Deployment – We will define from the outset a timeline which will give you a clear understanding of what is happening and when. Our account management team are always on hand to provide updates too.


Post campaign analytics and returns management – We provide you with post campaign reports and insights to enable you to optimise future campaigns and be fully informed about how the campaign delivered against your KPIs. These reports include customer or responder match back analysis, customer or responder insights, compliance statistics and returns management.

*Customer data insight appends available at additional costs


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